Monday, March 29, 2010


I've been learning how to have fun and tweak my pictures in Photoshop lately. In the picture above, the lady's eyes really are that color! I just made it so the picture was B&W except for her eyes.
Here are a few pics I've played with this week :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mattison - Senior Pics!

M is such a fun girl, so I was really excited to get the opportunity to take her Senior Pictures!
Living in South Asia means we have some really unique places to take pictures.
I love M's eyes! So cool!
One of the fun things about Photo shoots is the "accidental shots" that happen...
Like the little brother playing around and entertaining himself ....
The America's Next Top Model poses....
The.... hmm... not sure what was happening here... freestyle dance time!
... and the Covergirl "Turn Around" :)
This is one of my favorites!
Thanks M for letting me take your Senior Pics!

Focusing on Angles

Hands-On Fun!

All Bundled Up!

I've been trying to get better at photography, so I've been entering the contests at I Faces Photography... here's my entry for this week (I have to post it on my blog :))